“The Other Emily”- Held Over

Elder’s portraits of a young Emily Carr in dialogue with works by Carr, are currently on exhibit at the Royal BC Museum. Curated by Kathryn Bridge, this collaboration between a Curator and an Artist, has been extended to October 16, 2011.

“The Other Emily” is going to Vancouver in 2012

Emily Carr’s works, paired by Curator Kathryn Bridge with portraits of Carr by Manon Elder, will be seen at the Royal BC Museum’s summer satellite location at the Rennie Gallery. Starting next mid-June until September, viewers will see Elder’s paintings inspired by Warhol, Renoir and Manet of the vibrant, youthful Carr.

My Master’s is Underway

This July and August, I started my Master’s in Art Education at the University of Victoria. It is a 3-summer program so that between September to June, I am back working at my art projects. Here is one of my tree paintings.

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