Manon Elder holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Along with her family and corporate commissioned portrait work, her career has largely focused on the pursuit of thematic projects that have taken a numerous years to complete:

The Other Emily

She is best known for two series of portraits: Honour the Women, 10 oil paintings of distinguished British Columbian women painted from 1996-2000 and part of the UVIC Art Collection, and High Tea, a painting series of 22 prominent Canadian women portrayed without their faces, produced between 2000-2004.

Portrait of Artists-29 various-sized canvases of prominent artists from 1985-1994.

The Tea Party- 39 canvases all 18″ x 36″ of individual women focusing on personality rather than identity. 1996-2000

Honour the Women-10 canvases all 40″ x 30″. Individual landscapes reflect their personality and character. 1996-2000

High Tea -22 canvases of nationally and internationally renowned women using symbolism to reveal achievements. 2000-2004

-the ‘tea’ projects were portrait-based but the women’s faces were not painted. Hands and mannerisms told their story.
These paintings have been collected in part and in whole, by individuals, corporations and museums.